Closing Notes | Living in the Age of Convergences Affect, Affordance, Agency 2019

On behalf of our convenors and team, we would like to thank our speakers, chairs and participants for spending two days out of their busy schedules to join us in our discussions. We do hope that the culmination of thoughts would continue to spark further conversations after this eventful academic workshop.

EXHIBITION: We Are Millennials, Mobilised | 5-10 December 2019

This interdisciplinary workshop critically considers how the technological and digital integration has transformed the way we now live, work, interact and think. Featuring scholars and practicioners from within Singapore and internationally, the workshop specifies a human-centred approach towards understanding the impact of this merging of technologies on our online and offline everyday practices.

NUS-YONSEI Workshop | 21-24 August 2019

In the second week of the semester, our M.Arch 1 students from WE ARE MILLENNIALS, MOBILISED! flew to Seoul for a joint workshop with the Yonsei University, Department of Architecture. Five Yonsei University architecture students, Year 4s and 5s, joined us as our Korean counterparts during this intensive four day workshop.

Immersive Environment Workshop | 13-15 August 2019

On the 13-15 August, we had the pleasure of having Vouse do an Immersive Environment workshop for our M.Arch 1 studio – We Are Millennials, Mobilised! The workshop is a presentation of certain “dots”, in the form of technology, concepts, designs and ideas etc. students should make their own connections based on their…

Millennial Nomad Survey

As part of our research project, we are looking for millennial nomads to help us out with this survey! (It’ll only take up 5 minutes of your time) FAQ: 1. Who are Millennial Nomads?


This research project proposes a human-centred approach to understand the formation and management of a multi-mobile millennial nomad’s identity and spatial practices in the private domain, urban environment and the digital realm. It foregrounds a spatiality paradigm and applies an affective lens to distil qualitative insights into how this globally dispersed group of highly mobile and peripatetic individuals between their twenties and mid-thirties maintain a multi-dimensional and deeply interconnected existence. This dynamic age in which we live is truly a fluid one: Following technological and digital advancements, the merging of technologies in the current Fourth Industrial Revolution have consecutively altered lifestyles and work cultures; influenced consumption and behaviour patterns; the ways in which privacy lines are drawn; demarcation of ownership of territories and possessions; and how relationships are nurtured. Global mobility and connectivity along with the convergence of people and data in virtual space vitally support nomadic lifestyle requirements and the lateral agility necessary for the millennial generation to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving labour landscape.

By identifying certain values commonly shared by the growing number of millennial nomads worldwide, we aim to formulate a rubric that explains the spatial rhetoric of this demographic. Ultimately, we will be able to articulate the role of digital and technological affordances in relation to human agency, by how these are deftly applied for scripting the spatial narrative of a millennial nomad in the contemporary milieu. On a conceptual level, the research highlights the seamless connection between the online and offline territories we now naturally maintain as evidence of the increasing dilution between perceptual spatial divides. The significant contribution of this project to academia will be to reflect on the millennial nomad’s global transversality from a spatial-experiential standpoint to offer a bottom-up articulation of the world.