Millennial Nomads (identified as 21-35 years old in this research study) grew up and live in an environment that has allowed for a stretched understanding of time and space. Anywhere and anytime becomes increasingly possible, and individuals from the millennial generation have come to embrace such possibilities in their work, life and education.

Departing from the terminology digital nomad (loosely defined as an individual who relies on internet technology to perform location-independent work and chooses to live a nomadic lifestyle), a millennial nomad is more an individual who dwells in a lifestyle of technological convergences, as well as moving from one city to another, making a conscious decision to live a nomadic lifestyle (be it as a remote worker, a self-employed entrepreneur, a third culture kid, a contract based worker, etc.). A millennial nomad strongly identifies as an individual who is motivated by a new value system, consequentially relating to a new way of being.

Millennials are a group of individuals that share a common mind-set and can identify, and are shaped, by significant events around the world. It is a consensus among generational research that the presented age groups are only a guiding principle, for the purpose of this research, Millennials are identified as 21-35 years old.

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