On the 13-15 August, we had the pleasure of having Vouse do an Immersive Environment workshop for our M.Arch 1 studio – We Are Millennials, Mobilised!

The workshop is a presentation of certain “dots”, in the form of technology, concepts, designs and ideas etc. students should make their own connections based on their personal experiences and design philosophies, while incorporating certain ideas of technology i.e. connect the “dots” to form their unique “map”.

“A map,
but not a program, a plan, a project.
It is made up of many connections intended to suggest others
– connections of a peculiar sort.”

John Rajchman, The Deleuze Connections

Students were exposed to the basic concepts on virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and simulated reality as well as a introductory to Twinmotion and Tiltbrush during the course of the 2.5 day workshop.