Workshop Day 1!

In the second week of the semester, our M.Arch 1 students from WE ARE MILLENNIALS, MOBILISED! flew to Seoul for a joint workshop with the Yonsei University, Department of Architecture. Five Yonsei University architecture students, Year 4s and 5s, joined us as our Korean counterparts during this intensive four day workshop.

The NUS students were split into five pairs before arriving in Seoul and were charged with investigating five separate sites – Hyehwa, Hongdae, Seongsu, Gangnam and City Hall. The workshop kicked off with the NUS students giving their initial site impressions, arriving on the morning of 20 August 2019, a day before the official NUS-YONSEI joint workshop start date. Their Yonsei counterparts joined in quickly to form groups of three to continue the site investigations and interventions for the rest of the workshop. Invited speaker Jaewon Yi also gave a presentation on Day 1 to introduce Direct Action as a strategy to draw out latent information from a site.

Invited speaker Jaewon Yi giving a presentation on Direct Action.
Hyehwa Group (Law Kaixiang, Chew Keng Onn, Hye Im Jun) having group consultation with Prof. SUNG Jooeun and Prof. Simone Shu-Yeng CHUNG.
WeWork Jongno Tower 종로 타워 designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, Samoo Architects & Engineers in 1999.
Taking the opportunity to infiltrate a coworking space, we had our second consultation session at the Jongno WeWork branch!

The last day of the workshops had presentations from all groups. We were joined by Song Donghyun as part of their review panel to give further insight on the landscape of media sociology. The four day NUS-YONSEI joint workshop ended on a high note with a group dinner with all the students and professors! Let’s see everyone back together at the end of the year for the exhibition at the National Library Singapore.