Resonance was conceived with the need for a therapeutic realm to seek refuge from the overwhelming stresses and connectivity of our tech driven society. Resonance is a virtual reality landscape realm that runs on ubiquitous hardware of everyday users such as smartphones. The landscape realm is pieced together by the users using modular landscape tiles. Each modular landscape has been carefully curated in a unique character based on one or more engagement of the senses. These different unique tiles are designed such that they join as a cohesive therapeutic whole.

As the name suggests, Resonance utilizes the aural aspects of virtual reality through 3D spatial audio. With careful articulation of the visual and aural aspects of the senses, the user undergoes a synthetic sensation with the calling of multiple senses into an immersive sensorial experience. Understanding the therapeutic merits of Resonance, we envision this project to have strong relevance and usability towards everyday users and in healthcare.

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Autodesk 3DS Max
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Google Sketchup
Adobe Audition
NX audio

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