Interventions in Residential & Commercial Cluster in Narrow Alleyway

Instead of Directive 88’s hard means of modernity, a suggested approach is to carve out a transition bay for service providers to temporarily park just before a pick up or delivery.

How does it work?
Upon activation, the service provider will travel from the closest tech beacon to the bay. This significantly reduces congestion by displacing the existing waiting location.

Identification of micro-junctions within the network of alleyways is crucial for the suggested approach as it functions effectively when close in proximity breakout spaces are appropriated to it full capacity for different user groups throughout the given day.

How does it work?
Visual indicators and symbolic landmarks will provide service providers and existing communities hints to appropriate the space based on the required needs. Technology is a key supporting factor here.

Interventions in Micro-Economy Junction

The displacement of motorbike maintenance area to the bike hub is an opportunity to reconfigure its operation sequence. Instead of the conventional appropriation of space directly outwards on its building front, the proposed flow is from building to building with the first return point being the maintenance area.

How does it work?
Service provider will return and pickup the rented motorbike at different points of the bike hub. This eliminates choking up the alleyway.

Technology has enabled rented motorbikes to be delivered directly to customers without the need for a customer pick up. The proposal is to streamline this service for these stakeholders; merchant, service provider and existing community.

How does it work?
The tech-beacon point serves as a check-in point for service providers to park their own motorbikes. Their identities will be confirmed by the merchant before handing over the motorbike.

Residential apparent located in these 4-5 storey blocks have also been appropriated by merchants as a means of fluid modernity through technology. However, the vertical circulation adds additional time for pick-up and drop off. It sets off timely parking congestions during a surge.

How does it work?
A proposed external conveyor transporter replaces the vertical movement of the service provider Strategically located at the beacon point, service providers will access their allocated compartment to either retrieve or drop off the goods.

Interventions in Residential in Open Street

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