Auto-Ethnography Study

Room Isometric Illustration with Collection of Patterns Drawn from Different Actions

A study to dimension the Human and Machine (smartphone) interaction within a space was done for 1-week duration specifically for four body actions: sitting, standing, walking, and lying down. This study has its setting in the Human’s own room – a space with ingrained habit and dispositions.

Auto-Ethnography Study – The Body = The Site
Using P5.JS web editor to establish a relationship between human movement and it’s interaction with the smartphone. This study used a series of code to track and classify my body motion.

The Flexibility of Identity: The Collection of Identities
By downloading and installing new applications onto the smartphone with its virtual identity (i.e., e.g., Apple ID), it has registered itself a gateway for fragmenting the virtual identity to identities, allowing itself to learn and read in bit(s). The Human is not just flexible for grasping information from up above the cloud but rather, it is flexible in its identity with its collection of identities.

Consider again Bourdieu’s discussion on ‘taste’ where he postulates the ideology of social snobbery. In the current digital era, the Human is a juxtaposition of physical identity and virtual identities, an intermesh of both for its social identity. Here, the clarification made is not that of a new kind of social identity but rather a better identity that could possibly blend the hegemony of the social classification as it is not a new kind of species but an improved body, a better human with the ‘sympoiesis’ of identity (Haraway, 2016, p.33). By ‘sympoiesis’, it is suggested that the collection of identities is contemporaneous with the flexibility of the fragmented identities not confined but self-defined.

“For the Singaporean, the state’s presence in everyday life is as persistent as air.”

(Yenn 2019)

Information-Intensive Environment
To overcome inequality, first, the succinct statement must be brought into salience. With the Machine, the Human has to take control and make use of the information-intensive environment to unpack the social conditioning formula in order to improve and to be better in understanding of ourselves and each other when distinction in pattern becomes a crucial lens for the socially relevant classifications in contemporary Singapore.

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