The Anthropomorphic Machine : Intelligent Inhabitable Membrane
The Vessel: The Golden Ratio

In acknowledging the ubiquity of smartphones and the situation of inequality in this contemporary bourgeoisie world, the thesis aims to trigger the awareness of the succinct situation, especially in Singapore where the bifurcated consciousness has been taken apart through the deemed ‘normal’ 5-steps life trajectory.

The output of this thesis project – The Anthropomorphic Machine: Intelligent Inhabitable Membrane, a membrane that aims to represent identities and the act of distinction; the extraction of inequality through taste.

The idea of the vessel as an Anthropomorphic Machine where it consumes the Human and digests it to be a set of data. Movements are displaced as a set of algorithm, the food for the machine. The Machine is being possessed by the Human’s dimensions and it’s habits and interaction with the smartphone transposing the conventional idea of spatial dimension into the current digital age with digital habits. The amorphous presence is a reflection of the current society. Distinction in the Human; distinction in of the vessel.

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