Faced with the fundamental issue of the lack of space and job opportunities, the Singaporean music scene is continuously in search of new ways to reach a wider and invested audience. The Singaporean Music Experience (SGMX) redefines the musician and audience relationship through architecture and technology. The Bugis Music Village is well positioned to be a continuation of their 2020 online efforts by Timbre Music Group and Ebenex Productions in their journey into virtual live music performances (#keepmusicalive). It sees the music village as a joint-venture between the two pillars in the scene with their respective expertise in show programming and production.

Make live music accessible when you are…

By inserting itself into the arts district, the village hopes to tap into the existing network of talented artists and experts in marketing, publicity and merchandise. The music village heavily borrows ideas from the gaming industry in order to streamline the development of both the physical and virtual village into one process. For example, the modular PPVC components directly correspond to the modular map components in-game thereby stitching the two realities together. The music village also heavily correlates to the musician’s journey itself, from design aesthetics down to the construction schedule. For example, the construction of the village in themed phases that is sensitive to the growth of a young music scene.

Ultimately, by 2040, the village hopes to be a physical place where Singaporeans can proudly point to when asked, “where is the best place to find local music?” and be accessible from all over the world at the same time.