Identifying a Site for the Music Village

Site Documentation of Haji Lane Area

The site for the music village is situated in the Arts District in the Central Region. Four green fields were identified as possible sites to house the village, two of which include MRT exits from Rochor and Bugis station respectively. A list of all the venues that are popular amongst musicians within the 3 x 3 km that are music focused was mapped to determine the overlaps and zoom in on a potential site.

Potential Partners and Collaborations

Timbre and Ebenex , in a joint venture, will initiate the development of the village as they specialize in front and back end production respectively. This will make sure that the village’s primary focus is live performance. Before the construction of the physical village even begins, the virtual village will be made available to the music community and will be updated according to the community’s needs and wants as the project development progresses. Support from Sgmuso and Media Collective when Village has matured to handle logistics and publicity respectively. The village will continue building upwards as it matures, bringing in independent music labels to occupy studios, music equipment retail and music fashion. At the same time, Sgmuso together with the media collective will host frequent events in
search of new ways to promote music making and collaboration.

Block Massing

Live Block
The first impression for the general public to see music performances happening live in an informal setting. Interested parties can be forwarded to the other blocks.

Production Block
Support the others by providing storage and delivery of equipment and the control center for outdoor shows.

Logistics Block
Run by Sgmuso, will bring together members of the music community for collaboration.

Media Block
Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch etc. Provide media coverage and low latency broadcast service.