Proposed Three-Phase Construction

In the year 2025, the first construction phase of the Bugis Music Village is complete. A joint venture between Timbre and Ebenex as the physical manifestation of their # keepmusicalive project to virtualize live music performances.

The following 5 years of the first phase will see a yearly cycle of events occurring each quarter in sequence:
Q1 – Village Basement Rave
Q2 – TQL Street Carnival
Q3 – Rooftop Seranade Concert
Q4 – Museum & Showroom Tour

By 2032, as the music industry in Singapore becomes more stable and matured, the village will focus on growth, collaboration and experimentation in virtual reality with the logistic help of SGmuso.

Meanwhile, the following 5 years of the second phase will see a yearly cycle of events alternating half yearly:
Q1 & Q2 – Collaborative & Experimental shows
Q3 & Q4 – Documentation & Equipment stockpile

By 2040, the village construction will be complete and fully replicated in virtual reality, hosted on Ebenex’s servers, allowing physical and virtual users to meet, work and perform together in real time.

The years after will repeat the cycles started in the first and second phase.