Potential Sites: Jurong Lake District (2026), Woodlands Regional Centre (2024), Greater Southern Waterfront (2024)

Proposed sites for Airport City Check-In (ACCI)

Criterias for the airport-in-the-city to include work, stay, and play zones, as well as good public transport access to allow connectivity to other parts of Singapore. Studies on the zonings of business nodes, hotel clusters, transport networks help to determine the sites suitable for this airport-in-the-city plug in. Subsequently, sites with global network links were shortlisted as potential sites, categorised as the regional skyports, to form a network of air travel culture. Meanwhile, zones with less activities intensity are identified as the subregional skyports. The subregional skyports serve as a support system for the regional skyports. Studies on building heights, and no-fly zones help determine the potential flight paths.

Jurong Lake District, Woodlands Regional Centre and Greater Southern Waterfront are identified as the perfect locations for the skyports. Further studies done, at urban scale, for the potential skyport-city interfaces which includes close proximity to global and local transport stations for easy access.

No-Fly Zones over Singapore Airspace