RETRACE: Injecting Nostalgia in our City. (2020).

RETRACE allows users to integrate the past and present by providing a valuable immersive experience that can be passed on to future generation. It is inspired by the loss of heritage in Venice, the influx of modernization and urbanization has diluted the culture and heritage in Singapore. Fortunately, urban artefacts such as murals and sculptures are integral in preserving culture and heritage. Yet, they are often one-dimensional and present a myopic view of the artist’s interpretation and the state’s narrative of our heritage. At present, these artefacts provide on-the-surface account of history but does not value-add to the audience and fail to capture the spirit of our heritage.

Urban Context Critique

Overview of Urban Artefacts within Retrace Zone.

RETRACE aims to think more critically about these vital urban artefacts and provide layer meaning to them through the seamless integration of the physical and virtual space by using AR technology. Located in Downtown due to the concentration of artefacts, it integrates the tangible and intangible qualities of the urban context in the way finding process. Users can organically experience the city and gain a more holistic, multi-dimensional approach in appreciating the urban artefacts. RETRACE goes beyond an educational tool as it provides useful information for users to immerse in our heritage. Interactions captured in the virtual space can be translated into real life, providing a more impactful experience. It is user-friendly, age-friendly and aimed at all groups of people in society regardless of their interests and tech adeptness, users can feel a sense of nostalgia and strengthen intergenerational gaps.

RETRACE User Diagram. (2020)

Robbins, N. (2020). Venice, an Odyssey: Hope, Anger and the Future of Cities Book. Local Secrets.

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